Thursday, September 15, 2016

Home Sweet Home

September 11, 2016

Ginger spent the weekend at Tails of Hawaii.

When she is there she spends nearly every moment in the play area pacing around looking for an attendant to play with or other dogs. We check on her via their webcam and whenever we do she seems pretty happy to be there.

She gets pretty tired from all the walking around so when I picked her up and brought her home, she had a bath, ate and then...


September 9, 2016

This weekend was our annual weekend with Juliet's cousins and their families.

When the boys were younger (Brent was 2 or 3 when we started) we would spend 4th of July weekend at Camp Erdman for their Family Camp. We eventually had a group of about 20 to 25 people with parents and kids. Those were really fun times.

Recently we have joined the Olipares' at their vacation club weekend at Aulani. (can you say Glamping?) They are fortunate to have access to a 3-bedroom unit at the end of the buildings and it easily fits about a dozen of us overnite and more during the days.

It is a beautiful property.

This year was special because Kimi went to the Disney Character breakfast on Sunday.


We really appreciate them letting us join them.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Post game Wrap

September 4, 2016

So after the Hawaii-Michigan game it was back to

Where I found some

And some

And watched

Jump Man

September 3, 2016

Hawaii's game against Michigan was the Wolverines' season opener and this season U of M became the first school selected to wear Nike's new "Jumpman" football uniforms with the Michael Jordan logo instead of the "Swoosh"

To commemorate the new association MJ himself was in the Big House as an Honorary Captain.


Game Day: The Big House

September 3, 2016

Began the day hustling to be sure I was able to secure a Field Pass for the game. Many thanks to Coach Stutz for the offer.

I was only hoping to join the team during their Friday walk-through in the stadium but was overjoyed to receive his offer of a pass for the game itself!

So here I go...


Once on the field it was time to bring along two favorite teams with me - Go 'Cats! Mountie Up!

The Home Sideline and luxury boxes.

The boys were ready.

It's Motown

Afternoon. September 2, 2016

After lunch we headed to the little house that birthed Motown Records.

It was humbling to hear about the performers who grew up in the surrounding neighborhoods and were gathered in this little unassuming house to produce music that changed the world.

The rules do not allow any cameras inside so...

Seeing Detroit In the Morning

September 2, 2016

Early breakfast at the Volt Restaurant/Lounge in the Marriott. (Interesting that this hotel only has one bar/restaurant that is run by the hotel.) Then we loaded up in our buses for our tour of Detroit.

First stop was the Ford Piquette Plant which was Henry Ford's first manufacturing facility. This is where the Models A thru T were developed and produced.

We made a few other stops before lunch including Comerica Park where the Tigers play.

By and large, the city is kind of depressing as you pass closed factories and largely vacant neighborhoods. That said, there is a major redevelopment happening in the area around Comerica with the owner of the Red Wings building a large, new stadium and a lot of infrastructure and housing development in the area. I found out that the same people own both the Tigers and the Red Wings - the Little Caesar family. Pizza! Pizza!

I hope they are successful in revitalizing the area and the city in general. We stopped at several old office buildings that showed how magnificent the architecture was in the town's heyday and it would be a shame if those fell to the same kind of destruction that you read about in many other instances because of economic strife.