Monday, October 20, 2014

Ana-Na-Na Say Hey! Goodbye...

We dodged another bullet as Hurricane Ana was pushed on a southerly track and moved past us without getting in range of its dangerous winds.

We got a lot of water as a steady rain fell starting on Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. It wasn't a torrential downpour but its steady rate totaled several inches around Oahu and possibly added to the aquifer.

All in all, Oahu got away in probably the best shape that could have been hoped for.

Meanwhile, I have about six gallons of gas sitting in my garage waiting to be use up...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Take Another Look

A win is a win...

One of the ultimate cliches but still very appropriate as the Warriors survived a mostly lackluster offensive performance to defeat FCS member Northern Iowa, 27-24, last night.

Going into the season, if told that a 1 and 2 record would include 2 one-possession losses to middle-tier Pac-12 opponents I would react with a lot of enthusiasm. Looking at the reality of the results I am not totally "sold" on this year's team yet but that may be a reflection of the conditioning from the past decade-plus Rainbow Warrior/Warrior teams who have emphasized offensive productivity over defensive prowess.

I think if viewed from the perspective of Dick Tomey's "preserve our right to punt" philosophy of game management this team becomes much more palatable than going in and expecting point-a-minute offense that has been vogue in Aloha Stadium pretty much since 1999.

The Warriors chance of success this season lies more in the hands of DC Kevin Clune and Special Teams Coordinator Chris Demarest than it does in the "learn as you go" play-calling of OC Jordan Wynn.

This week's first road trip to Boulder will be a crucial test for the Warriors and the path to victory seems to lie in the hands of the defense and special teams and that change in perspective may make for more enjoyable viewing.

BTW, is the game on TV? That answer is for another post...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

OSU postgame

We're well into the CFB season now and this week was chocked full of "cupcake games" that involved powerful teams playing so called "body bag games" against grossly inferior opposition. The games serve as tune up games for the stronger teams and as economic relief for the weaker ones.

Last night's game was not one of those despite what many (a term you may not associate with attendance this season) in attendance and watching on national TV may have felt halfway near the end of the 3rd quarter. The score was 38-7 and were it not for a miraculous interception of an ill-advised pass by OSU QB Sean Mannion, a complete whitewash would have been more representative of the lopsided game that was unfolding.

The Warriors played a 23-0 rally in the 4th quarter to make the final 38-30 score seem like a fairly respectable game had been played. It wasn't that close but then again maybe it was...

Evenly matched teams often need an unusual special teams play, a bit of luck, a funny bounce of an oddly shaped ball or an inexplicable call from a referee to gain an advantage for victory. In many games these gifts of fortune come throughout the game and can help a slightly less athletically-blessed team or hurt a better team to yield an upset or at least a closer than expected contest.


- if Iosefa didn't fumble on the opening drive they go on to score first again;
- if there is a blocked punt in the 1st half;
- if there is a forced fumble on an earlier kickoff;

it's a closer game earlier on and not so many people would have gone home after 3 quarters.

Then, the focus can be on improving pass accuracy. But that's for another conversation.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Next up: Oregon State

Joining in the chorus of those who are saying that the Warriors played well last Saturday.

Notable things:

Get there early. No watch the early games at least not the late early games.

OLine play was markedly improved.

DLine rotation was nice to see. It kept them fresh throughout the game.

Taz Stevenson...welcome home!

Kevin Clune...where have you been the past 2 seasons?!?! (Don't answer that.)

This week it doesn't get any easier.

#55 Danny Shelton was a LOAD for the OLine to handle. OSU's Siale Hautau tips Shelton's 339# on the scale up to 350! And the rest of the defense is big as well.

Left end
Jaswha James, Jr., 6-2, 255
Left tackle
Siale Hautau, Sr., 6-1, 350
Right tackle
Bud Delva, Sr., 6-3, 296
Right end
Dylan Wynn, Sr., 6-2, 275
WILL linebacker
D.J. Alexander, Sr., 6-2, 233
Middle linebacker
Jabral Johnson, Sr., 6-1, 230
SAM linebacker
Michael Doctor, Sr., 6-0, 233
Left cornerback
Steven Nelson, Sr., 5-11, 194
Strong safety
Ryan Murphy, Sr., 6-3, 214
Free safety
Tyrequek Zimmerman, Sr., 6-0, 213
Right cornerback
Larry Scott, Jr., 5-11, 192

On offense, how much farther do you need to go than 3-year starter Sean Mannion? How about HB Storm Woods? Or 6-7, 266 Connor Hamlett at TE? Or 6-6, 340 Gavin Andrews at LT? Or 6-6, 312 Garrett Weinreich at LG?

Kickoff is at 4:30 again. Get there early....

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Post T.S. Iselle / Pre Jurricane Julio

Thankfully, TS Iselle is just leaving behind some remnant rain showers and thunderstorms for Kauai this morning.

That shouldn't affect someone who, let's say, has plans for a short staycation today, should it?

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 8, 2014

T.S. Iselle

Downgraded overnight to a Tropical Storm, Iselle seemingly had a bit of a problem once it ran into the land mass known as Hawaii, the Big Isle.

Went in to work at 6:30 this morning to wait on word from another department if they would need our support today or not. 3 hours later I was outta dere! No need, they can carry on themselves.


Gusts and intermittent rain showers so far this morning.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hurricane Iselle

2230 HST

Hunkered down watching the late night reports. Just wondering if all the prep was enough. Hearing the gusts getting stronger outside.

Not very happy that there is still a possibility that some departments might be open tomorrow. Bad decision.

2300 HST

NWS downgraded Iselle to a TS and it has slowed its pace to half of what it was. Not good news for the BI.

Wind is picking up here. Hoping that the tie downs are enough.