Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old School

Went to New Eagle Cafe with Ryan and Brent for dinner tonight. It's one of a dying breed of old time eateries in Hawaii. Kuhio Grill....Aloha Grill....Columbia Inn....Flamingo....

Good food. Reasonable prices. Good service (read as: fast!).

One thing that makes these places special is the waitresses. (No waiters; no wait staff; no servers) Older, local ladies who know their job - get the food down ASAP...but with character.

Ryan showed up a little late for dinner so Brent and I delayed ordering our dessert until he almost caught up. New Eagle has great pies. I think the owner's wife still bakes them. Brent orders a banana pie and since this is the first time to this restaurant, he has hopes that it will equal the pie he remembers from Flamingo. It does.

So Ryan decides he'd like one, too. Alas, the waittress informs us that Brent's was the last piece of banana. :-( So Ryan decides, no dessert.

A little while later she brings a small slice of banana pie!

The funny part is she tells us, "Here, had one small slice left. You cut my line, I was going eat 'em but das okay!"

"You cut my line!" Ryan and I haven't heard that in ages and Brent never heard it before! Too funny!

btw, Baylor is doing better today. Yay!

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  1. Brings back memories of liver, bacon and onions at Flamingo on Nimitz!