Thursday, August 27, 2009

New floor

We finally decided to change the flooring in our house.

Hoku wasn't sure about what was going on.

Gee...the living room looks a lot larger now without all the stuff in it.
We chose a vinyl product called Konecto. It has a huge variety of styles including many wood looks which is what Juliet wanted.

The runway (hallway); so named because this is where the dogs will be launched, especially Beau.

We just did the living room and the hallway. The carpet in the bedrooms will be replaced later this fall.

Juliet is happy. Hoku is....still wondering what's going on.
The installers will finish up the trim work tomorrow and we'll put everything back this weekend.


  1. What happened to my comment??? Oh well... IT LOOKS GREAT!!! I can see the dogs sliding down to greet you :-)

  2. I can see Beau doing this:

  3. Sliding's easy, stopping is the hard part!

  4. That's what the furniture is for :-)

  5. I dug out my thick boot socks. Wen is da 'skate' party? Can I bring my skating pahtna?

  6. D-1 ~ Last minute dash to our fave Thai eatery in Waipio last nite. Dat Lobstah special dey feature is always a winnah!