Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walk throughs

We're in McMinnville!

It's Homecoming Week at Linfield so there's a lot of people in town for the game. We ran into some other parents from Hawaii here for the game.

I went to the field to watch practice yesterday afternoon. It was very impressive to watch the team go thru a review of their game plan. But I noticed other groups doing similar things in preparation for the game today.

The cheer squad was out working on their routines.

As a parent of a player, it was interesting to note that even the training staff was reviewing their procedures for dealing with player injuries. This was a review of staff coordination in dealing with a severe injury including removing pads and helmet from an immobilized patient. You hope this "play" never gets called.

The coach does a great job of maintaining the team's edge as they get to create their own plays near the end of practice. This was a successful game winning field goal attempt by who appeared to be one of the coaches' young sons. The players came up with some pretty funny plays!

Well, hopefully the Wildcats will end the day with their unbeaten record intact.

Go 'Cats!

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