Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Seeing Detroit In the Morning

September 2, 2016

Early breakfast at the Volt Restaurant/Lounge in the Marriott. (Interesting that this hotel only has one bar/restaurant that is run by the hotel.) Then we loaded up in our buses for our tour of Detroit.

First stop was the Ford Piquette Plant which was Henry Ford's first manufacturing facility. This is where the Models A thru T were developed and produced.

We made a few other stops before lunch including Comerica Park where the Tigers play.

By and large, the city is kind of depressing as you pass closed factories and largely vacant neighborhoods. That said, there is a major redevelopment happening in the area around Comerica with the owner of the Red Wings building a large, new stadium and a lot of infrastructure and housing development in the area. I found out that the same people own both the Tigers and the Red Wings - the Little Caesar family. Pizza! Pizza!

I hope they are successful in revitalizing the area and the city in general. We stopped at several old office buildings that showed how magnificent the architecture was in the town's heyday and it would be a shame if those fell to the same kind of destruction that you read about in many other instances because of economic strife.

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