Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birthday for Craig

Went to the Stutzmann's house to celebrate Craig's birthday last night.

We got to see Baylor for the first time! So glad he's doing better now.

The boys were excited about the newest version of NCAA Football coming out for XBox (and PS3 for Brent)

Good fun evening (with a surprise guest at the end!)


  1. Cuuuute!!! How sweeeet!!!

    Nice the see the boys and "babes" all together.
    Hope you said HI to the surprise guest!

  2. Yep. Thought about calling Esme but I don't have her #.

  3. That is so sweet!
    Glad Colt has time to just have fun and do normal stuff with friends too. It was very nice that Midnight and Barbara got to meet him in the park after sacrificing the ticket to the Thursday dinner.
    Things all seem to work out, eh?

  4. Colt in da house! How cool is dat!