Sunday, July 26, 2009

Surprise at Harry Potter

We saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday with some of the Tsaikos.
I'm not a real fan of the series but Juliet really likes them.
This one was a bit confusing for me; I didn't really see the point of the movie except that it was a 2:30 minute build-up (hopefully) for something big in the next one.
The hotdog was good though.

....and we saw a poster for an upcoming movie that we thought was pretty funny.

While we were cleaning out the garage a couple of weeks back we came across "Al" the Alien from Toy Story. It was originally Ryan's toy but everyone adopted him because we all thought the character was so cool in the movie and the toy was, too. It had recordings of some of the funny lines from the movie.

So yesterday we see the poster for the upcoming Toy Story 2 in 3D. I took a picture of it and texted it to Ryan and Brent. Funny.

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  1. Cuuute!

    I took a picture of "Jack" with an upcoming movie poster in the Lihue theater when we went to see Harry Potter. I was immediately warned by an assistant manager that it was illegal to have a camera in a theater and he tried to confiscate my point and shoot! I would have nothing of that and they let me take the camera out to my car.

    What was I going to do, take pictures of the movie, paste them into an animation and sell them on eBay????