Thursday, May 2, 2013

AD Faux Pas?

The UH Letterwinners' Club letter to Ben Jay regarding the Warrior name change certainly seems to fall far short of a ringing endorsement of the new AD's first major decision.

Balancing Executive Decisiveness and Inclusiveness is definitely not a simple thing and a slip-up, especially one so early in his tenure, could be very damaging. Perhaps it may not be too late to retract his decision in the face of public outcry on such an emotionally-charged issue.

Better to seek out low-lying fruit (or high placed light bulbs) and look to string together some popular decisions that more people would support before tackling something that can affect so broad an array of stakeholders. After all, one axiom in any sport is to always try to get that "Mo" guy on your side!

Build some momentum UHAD Jay.

Go Warriors!

Let's go Bows!

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