Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Duck Dynasty and a Cup 'o Joe

It seems that the UHAD has lost a source of a vital coffee for the Coaches' offices.

Up until last month I was buying coffee at work from our coffee shop, albeit at essentially a subsidized cost that covered the cost of the actual coffee. Many businesses maintain a kitty from their employees to purchase coffee supplies and, in some cases, snack items. If you participate, pour yourself a cup and grab a donut (or a Twinkie or whatever everyone decides to buy.)

It doesn't seem unreasonable that the coaches and staff would be expected to chip in for their own coffee.

Stephen has another contest for Duck Commander shades. Cool prize but I'm not sure about the relavance to Warrior football.

Regarding the karaoke for this Saturday, I decided against doing anything. It would have been nice to see everyone but the time available to set things up is short.

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